2014-12-19 22:53:35 by THATGUYTANDEM

Hello friends!

Music has become a large part in my life the last year and I'm now pursuing production of sounds that emulate my musical tastes

Although music has held a special place in my heart for far longer than a year, it wasn't until recently that I started actually producing. Electro Trash, Electro, House, Trap, mid-tempo, and moombahton are all genres I find myself enthralled with. I'm not too picky when it comes to the musics, but I can see myself emulating these genres in my future productions.

I'm a big believer that music should be free regardless of label affiliation. I would love to make a career in music someday and being able to play in front of people is something that makes the preparation and 11 hour days/nights in the studio worthwhile.

'TANDEM' is a persona I go under in the music world. I guess you could say it's a much darker side of me that I would like to share with everyone. Most people think of tandem bikes when they hear the word, but to me, my alter-ego is two things coming together to make something beautiful. The audience and the music, working in succession to create something beautiful. 

Making music is therapeutic to me, my form of meditation if you will, a way to escape from reality, and I usually make my best tracks when I'm under heavy emotional influence. 'TANDEM' is little more than to share my emotions with other people.

Until next time,